Binh Ba Island

An amazing adventure! This season with unsafe weather, men can’t go to the sea to catch fishes because of strong monster waves or hurricane-force winds. But if you go here from April to July, men will be the valuable & rare goods, LOL, almost women & kids are at home. They do traveling services for fun, ain’t about the money. The main job is raising lobsters. Friendly & nice is what you can feel it here. Such a peaceful life!


  • First it’s lobster island so enjoy it , eat as much as you can.
  • Rent a small boat to go some wild small islands around to watch coral & u can sink to see coral directly, just 30K/return ticket or rent motorboat to discover around by yourself (200K/h), tuk tuk with 270K/trip go around island (we had 9 ppl shared it so 30k/each).
  • Rent a bike just 70K VND with full of gas already, it took u for 1 hour or so to go around, it’s the most safe place ever in the world, u can let the bike with key on the middle of the street all night, then sleep tight and the bike was still there without any scratch.
  • It’s very cold at night, even more than Da Lat, bring a jacket, scraft,..
  • From April to July with the calm sea, it’s ok but I went in the Feb by fishing boat, all of us got wet by strong waves and wind so raincoat is necessary 
  • If you see someone go “poo poo” on the sea (even near the dock), don’t be suprised coz they’re so naive to care, haha

Feb 2017


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